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Island Individuality

Historically, Greek island culture evolved when it was hazardous to sail from one island to another. So, each island developed a unique character depending upon the people who settled there and how they earned a living from the resources available. Now with modern transport and even more so, the internet, island residents can choose their own lifestyle—and the way to pay for it.
Some people, digital nomads, want to be fully connected 24/7. Some people, hermits, want to commune with nature only. Most people are in between and like to socialize at will and retreat into solitude and privacy when the mood strikes. There is a Greek island for everyone.
Donousa, at last census, had a population of 167 distributed over 5.3 sq. miles or 31 persons per sq. mile. Yet it has regular ferry service because it is in between more populous islands. Paros, my former home and an island-hoppers favorite had 180 persons per sq. mile and nearly all the services and social life most people would want. Mykonos, one of the most touristy islands, has glitzy night life in season and is nearly dead in winter. Amorgos has a relatively quiet summer season yet a strong local community year around.
So, the list goes on for the over 200 inhabited islands . . .
Or perhaps your thing is colonize one of the other 1,400 or so piles of rock in Greece.

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Island Longevity

“No man is an island . . . “yet living on an island provides an insularity that simplifies the task or goal of living an integrated lifestyle.  Such a lifestyle, I believe, and science has proven, adds quality years to your life span.

The famous Ikaria aging study listed these factors as important to the islanders’ exceptional longevity:    fish, fruit, vegetables, legumes, olive oil, tea/coffee, naps, community.  I would add to that the attitude of island life, that is the slow pace dictated by the progress of the sun each day; the winds on other days and for commerce the daily or weekly ferry schedules.

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Life on a Greek island can be idyllic–but for some it has been a nightmare. Do you have the Right Stuff?