clear Greek island waters

Travel guides are frequently asked which is the best. An impossible question to answer because it depends on who is asking. Browse this site to help choose the Greek island that matches your preferences.

Some Popular Greek Islands

Skiathos, most popular of the Sporades group
Rhodes, unique history of medieval knights
There are something like X thousand islands in Greece. So the handful shown on this site are just to whet your appetite to explore further. See NEXT PAGE for more on individuality of each island as well as why their residents live longer.
Here are some suggestions to start browsing:
More Cyclades — The central islands
Surfing Ancient Greece: Make learning fun
Quora: Which Greek island do you like best and why?

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Major Island Groups

Cyclades: Archetypical white houses with blue shutters; most popular with good ferry service; mostly dry and rocky.

Dodecanese: More remote and small, except for Rhodes. Each unique, especially Simi.

Sporades: Wild and forested; unique wildlife; only four are inhabited.

Saronic: Near Athens yet clean and neat; cosmopolitan; cars often not welcome.

Ionian: Northern and green; European influences; distinctive.

Crete: Big island with everything; unique culture; Greece’s Texas.